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Meet Bethanie Coates AKA Boo as she’s better know...

She is a 15 year old teenager from Thornaby on tees who is a student at Egglescliffe Secondary School.

Boo’s passion for singing started whilst attending the school choir at primary school and from there on in her passion has grown as she has gone from strength to strength...
Boo was encouraged to enter the school talent show by her music teacher , singing her rendition of Christina Aguilera’s Hurt she wowed the audience and judges and went on to win the talent show.
Realising her passion for singing Beth then aged 10 went on to have personal vocal coaching with a local singing teacher.

" Boo’s passion for singing started
whilst attending the school choir
at primary school..."

Boo with Martin Deltrice, that guy on the radio

Boo has performed in many showcases, Open Mic nights and singing competitions in the north east area as part of her music development gaining more and more confidence, stage presence and experience with each performance.

After working with several music development agencies over the last few years Boo was approached in March this year (2013) by Dean 'Midas' Maynard of
Midas Tallent PR. Dean could immediately see the huge potential in her and has now become Boo’s manager.
Boo's latest news...
Boo is about to release her first single, a unique version of “Stay” that was originally recorded by Shakespeare Sister.

The single is due to be released on the 20th October 2013 and was recorded at BroadWater Studio’s.

All of the proceeds raised by Boo will be given to
The Sophie Lancaster Foundation so please buy your copy as soon as you can from iTunes by clicking here.
and there's more...
Marcella Detroit of Shakespeare’s Sister read a tweet about Boo's cover version of 'Stay' and asked Boo’s manager for a copy. After listening to it Marcella replied:

“Wow, very impressive! I got chills, she has quite a depth of emotion, especially for someone who is 15 and a beautiful strength and purity in her voice, well done!"

So what makes Boo stands out from the crowd? It has to be the striking red hair, Sandie Shaw style bare foot singing and her very unique and powerful voice. Already the world’s best A&R are keeping a close eye on her development and it has been said she is most defiantly one to watch!
Take a look...

It's brand new and here it is. Take a look and a listen to Boo's new single... ' Stay '
You can find Boo on Facebook by clicking here or tweet to her on twitter by clicking here.

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