Check your MoT expiry date
News Bulletin 16/08/2013
Police are warning motorists that they will face a 100 fixed penalty notice if they don't renew their MoT certificate and are encouraging drivers to make a note, or to log your details with a service that reminds you of the expiry date, after stopping a number of people who have neglected to renew their certificate.

Officers are increasingly finding that people are forgetting to renew the MoT and discovering vehicles where the certificate has run out months beforehand.

In many cases these are otherwise law-abiding drivers and police are urging motorists to check and make a note of their vehicle's MoT expiry date ahead of changes to fixed penalties on August 16 that will see the cost rise from 60 to 100 if you don't have a current certificate for your vehicle.
The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) has set up a text service, which sends a message to your mobile phone when your MoT is due.

Anyone wishing to sign up can go to the website for details on how to register. You will need to supply a UK-registered mobile telephone number, a UK-registered vehicle and the vehicle's latest MoT test number found on their current MOT certificate.

There is a small charged for this service but once this is completed you will receive text reminders of your MOT expiry date on three occasions: five weeks before, two weeks before and the day before.
Chief Inspector Chris Spinks, of Norfolk & Suffolk's Joint Roads Policing Unit, said; It is every individual motorist's responsibility to keep their vehicle insured, taxed and MoT'd. To 'forget' is no defence at law, and you maybe issued with a fixed penalty notice. However, it is appreciated that MoT reminders are not automatically issued like vehicle tax and insurance.

'We would recommend drivers either sign up for this service or make their own note of when their vehicle MoT is due to expire to ensure this is done - otherwise you are likely to be stopped by police and will face having to pay the penalty.'

If you vehicle is more than three years old and doesn't have a certificate it could be unroadworthy; and could be hazardous both to you, and anyone using the vehicle, as well as other road users.

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